Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Close Encounters of the Medical Kind

I saw the doctor today.  The normal procedure for the doctors I visit is to take you from the comfortable waiting room to the uncomfortable little exam room where you will wait longer than you waited in the waiting room.  Today was no different.  The exam table was just that - a perfectly flat table.  I was instructed to sit on it, and there I sat - feet swinging.  I felt like a two year old, seated on a kitchen counter. 

And I waited - and waited.  I read the January-February edition of "Inky Trail News" from front to back.  I played Solitaire on my iPhone.  My husband was with me so I interrupted his reading and asked him to rummage through the magazines that were stacked on a table in the corner.  I thumbed through Consumer Reports and read an article about vacuum cleaners.  It confirmed my belief that there is no such thing as an easily maneuverable vacuum cleaner. 

A modern decorating magazine had an article that featured a traditional arm chair, upholstered in white with a bright red embroidered blood stain on the front side of the back of the chair.  The back side had a smaller blood stain, designed to look like blood had soaked through from the front.  Don't even try to tell me that civilization is not on a steeply declining slope!  By the way, the price tag on the chair is $5,000. 

All total, I don't suppose I was in the little exam room for more than an hour.  An hour is really not a long time.  And if I had been told when I arrived - "You will be in this uncomfortable little room for about an hour" - I think I could have maintained a pleasant disposition.  But constantly anticipating the end of an undetermined waiting period is downright nettlesome.

Needless to say, I was glad to get home - even though I was a just a tad disappointed that the Brother Cadfael Chronicles that I ordered a few days ago were not in my mailbox.

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