Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This and That

The words "cold" and "spring" are seldom spoken in the same sentence in Louisiana.  Our springs usually start warm and end in blazing heat.  But this morning the temperature was 47 degrees, and I couldn't resist firing up the gas logs in the kitchen. 

I got a notice from the post office today informing me that my post office box rent is about to go up.  As far as I'm concerned, I'm already paying far too much for an unfurnished box with no curtains, carpet, or furniture to make my letters and post cards comfortable while they wait for me to pick them up. 

I'll never understand why the post office will deliver letters to the box on the road in front of my house for nothing, but they charge me an arm and leg if I go to the post office and pick up my own mail.   Oh well, since when can you expect logic from a government agency? 

A little research on the postal service website showed me that I can rent a post office box in the neighboring village for a third of the cost of the one I'm renting in my home town.  It would be interesting to know what twisted logic accounts for this diffence in box rent, but I'm not even going to ask about it.  Whenever I ask a question at the post office, the answer usually gives me a headache.  Anyway - since I pass through the neighboring village often on my way to Baton Rouge, I decided to drive there this morning and rent one of their inexpensive boxes.  The amenities are all the same.  If you'd like to be part of the box-warming, drop me a line at P. O. Box 836, Addis, LA 70710.

I groomed the horses yesterday.  I especially enjoy spring grooming when they're losing all the winter hair.  They like being groomed.  I guess it feels good to have all the loose hair roll off in big wads.  Right now they have that mangy-dog-look because in some places the winter hair is still hanging on while it has come completely off in other places.  I guess that's why some people keep the winter hair shaved off.  But then if the weather gets too cold, you have to keep a blanket on the horse.  All that sounds like a lot of trouble, not to mention expense - horse blankets aren't cheap.  So we let nature take its course around here.  In another week or two the winter hair will be all gone and they'll have their satiny summer coats.

Yesterday I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the telephone, making arrangements for my second knee surgery.  It's scheduled for the end of this month.  Since the knee surgery I had last August was a roaring success, I'm not too apprehensive about this surgery.  Still, I'm glad I'm not a centipede with multiple knees.

A few weeks ago I bought a Kindle.  This is a big step for a book lover.  Wonder how long I'll feel like a traitor?  Did our ancestors feel like traitors when they switched from scroll to codex?  I don't know.  What I do know is that - sooner or later - space becomes an issue for most book lovers.  It has certainly become an issue at my abode.  That's what makes the Kindle so attractive.  It will hold about 3,500 books!  It's less tiring in your hands than a big thick book.  With a few finger taps you can make the font as big as you'd like.  You can highlight passages and make notes right there on the Kindle.  And you can read outdoors without any annoying glare.  What's not to love? 

I learned to be an afternoon napper when I was a piano teacher.  I always napped from about 2:00 to 3:00 so that I'd be rested when my first student arrived at 3:30.  Since I retired I've continued the afternoon siesta, but it's not as satisfying as it used to be.  I wonder why?  These days I usually get up from a nap feeling worse, not better.  Jerry says it's because an hour nap is too long.  He's a 20 minute power napper.  Maybe I'll give power napping a try.


BellaFitz said...


Of course, one must note the date this article was posted, but it's still hits close to home.

Speaking of close to home, greetings from P.O. Box 182, Addis, LA! I hope the rumors of our quaint little P.O. shutting down are just that.... rumors!

And a penchant for the 20-minute power-nap seems to be a genetic trait in our common family, along with a tendency toward senility. Makes me wonder if Ronald Reagan was any relation. I'm just kidding, of course, but it would explain my year-round giddiness about jelly beans!

Judith B. Landry said...

What???!!! Rumors about the Addis Post Office closing!!! I hadn't heard, but it figures - just when my mail starts feeling at home in #836, they'll shut the place down. And if that happens the Plaquemine Post Office will think they can charge kazillion dollars for a small box.