Monday, June 13, 2011

Scattered Thoughts

I keep waiting to collect my thoughts and make a profound blog post about a single deep subject.  It appears that it's not going to happen any time soon so here are my scattered thoughts.

There are lots of little twists and turns to grief.  When you lose someone you love, you grieve over the loss; but you grieve over other things, too.  I miss my father, but I also miss my position as a member of the middle generation in our family.  Now that both my parents are gone, I'm no longer the middle generation - I'm one of the old folks.  It's a sobering fact.

We are almost back to normal after lightning eliminated several pieces of technology a little over a week ago.  We had to replace our modem, router, and a printer that was barely a year old.  We also had to get Cox to come and replace some bad wiring.  Everything is back to working like it's supposed to, and we are back to our nerdy pursuits.

There's been quite a bit of traffic - coming and going - in my new Addis post office box.  I received a beautiful square post card from Spain with a wax seal that arrived in perfect condition all the way from the Old World!  I've been sending post cards made from photos that Jerry and I have taken.  I received an e-mail from a homeschooling family in Pennsylvania, asking if I'd like to exchange post cards.  They think sending and receiving post cards is a good way to learn about other places - and they are so right! 

I've joined the Letter Writers Alliance, and I'm anxiously awaiting my membership packet.  It's good to know that there are lots of people in the world who still like to write letters.  Check out the Letter Writers Alliance website here:

I've just got back to watching the news and listening to talk radio after several weeks of being away from these things.  I tuned in just in time for the Anthony Weiner shinanigans.  I wish male politicians would behave themselves.  They are prompting some feminists to make the outrageous claim that women in high places don't misbehave.

I'm reading Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe for the first time.  When I was very young I got the idea that this was a dull book, and so I didn't even consider reading it.  But it's summer time, and I'm drawn to seagoing novels in the summer.  Robinson Crusoe popped up on a reading website that gives a list of nautical novels.  I'm happy to report that it's far from dull. 


Renee said...

Hi Judy!
Sorry to hear about your father.I lost my pawpaw almost 3 years ago from lung cancer,I think he was 78...not really that old.I believe he used to be a cook during the war so he never entered combat,but my mom also told me that he was so good at writing letters (must be where I get my love of writing from) that the other soldiers would even ask him to write their letters to their girlfriends and then they would sign the letter themselves. :) Anyways,I don't know the feeling of losing a parent,but I have always heard that it gets easier to handle with time,so I hope everyday gets a little better for you and like you did in your post,try to always remember the good things he did so you will always smile when you think of him since I'm sure he would rather know you are smiling here on earth thinking about him than sitting down and feeling miserable about him being gone,no parent would want to imagine their child like that,so keep his good memories alive,especially with the grandchildren. :) I know I wish I would have asked my pawpaw to tell me more stories about when he was younger but I always thought I'd ask another time,but I was too late to ask.I have even thought of writing things down in a journal for me to give my grandkids one day so they will know about me and my childhood.Well,let me go now,I have written a novel for a comment. :) Hope you are having nice days!

Judith B. Landry said...

Renee - Thanks so much for your kind remarks. Much appreciated.