Thursday, June 30, 2016

Conspiracy 101

Conspiracy theories are attractive because they answer questions that can't be answered by anything else.  Most conspiracy theories are satisfying figments of inquiring imaginations, but that doesn't mean there are not any real conspiracies.  I think it takes a fair amount of intelligence to concoct a conspiracy theory; but maybe that's because I've concocted one, and I just want to pat myself on the back.

Here's my theory:
A large percentage of the world's leaders are globalists.  Their ultimate goal is one government for all of Planet Earth.  Why? - you ask.  Because they think the masses will be easier to control with one central power than with a bunch of pesky national governments.  (I'm surprised you had to ask that).  

They've been working on this project for a long time.  They know it's not popular with the lower level, rank and file humans - that's you and me - so they have to try and sell us on the idea.  They figure we peons are not too bright, so there's no point in trying to reason with us.  Scare tactics will work better - you know, like scare tactics usually work better than logic on a two year old.  When we get scared enough, they figure we will ask for a global government.

After World War II, they scared us with over-population horror stories.  Supposedly, people were having way too many babies, and soon there would be standing room only on Planet Earth - if we didn't starve to death first.  Then there were horror stories about a new ice age, but that didn't happen, so they decided to scare us with global warming.  That didn't happen either, so now they're scaring us with climate change.

So far - in spite of all the scare tactics - the majority of us peasants are not begging for a global government.  Just when the globalists had about decided we are too stupid to have sense enough to be scared, a wonderful thing happened - the rise of radical Islam.  Why use outlandish theories and predictions that never come true to try to scare people when there is a rising force of savages who are willing to perform heinous acts that will frighten the most intrepid earthlings?  

There's nothing these radical Islamists won't do - they will bomb, shoot, behead, burn alive, torture, and more - and suicide missions are right up their alley.  A scare agenda like this - no, a TERROR agenda - is enough to warm the heart of the coldest globalist.  A few years of this kind of terror will make the earthling peasants sit up and take notice.  They can't ignore this like they've ignored the silly theories.  After a few years of this terror - and after they've been disarmed - the globalist leaders will gently suggest that the only way to control the terrorists is to unite the world under one government.  "They'll be so frightened," the globalists think, "they will beg for what we've been wanting to give them."

Of course, the globalist leaders want to appear to be resisting the radical Muslims without resisting enough to slow the rascals down much.  That's why we hear our leaders talk about "containing" ISIS, but never about defeating ISIS.  That's why our fearless leader, Barak Obama, gives his dispassionate "thoughts and prayers" speech after each new atrocity, but never lifts a finger to do anything that might thwart an atrocity.  He gives the distinct impression that all the victims of these atrocities are simply acceptable losses.  He seems to be bored with this whole charade, wondering how long it's going to take us to beg for our one world government medicine.

But all does not go smoothly for the globalists among us.  Is it any wonder that Donald Trump and the audacious British who voted for Brexit are prickly thorns in their globalist sides?