Thursday, February 17, 2022

Horse Tales

We had a barn party this morning - Listened to Dixieland Jazz while grooming the critters.  

Caracas (Rocky, aka Fabio) has ruined his long, flowing blonde mane by rubbing himself on anything that will stand still. Jerry got some fungal spray to see if that will stop the itching. Even a small herd of three has an eccentric member, and it’s Rocky. He’s definitely Jerry’s horse. When I try to put a halter on him, he evades me, and it takes several attempts. He lets me do it right away if Jerry is present. 🙄 But he loves his fly mask and willingly lowers his head for me to put it on. I think he fancies himself a Masked Super-Hero. He seems to like men better in general - except for a substitute farrier that came one time when our regular farrier was laid up. But that’s another story. 

Tesoro loves me and doesn’t have much use for Jerry. He’s definitely a ladies’ horse. He’s the Boss Hoss and keeps the other two in line. Tes REALLY enjoys being groomed. He leans into the brush as if to say, "Come on now, you’re not brushing hard enough!" Tesoro had been abused when we got him, and I’ve got a soft spot for him. 🥰 I think he had been beat around the head. It took a lot of time and patience to get him to lower his head and accept a halter. It’s hard to keep weight on him. He gets a double portion of feed every day as per the vet’s orders - and he’s still on the thin side. 


Santa Fe (aka Fay) is just a sweetie - like most girls. 😊 She likes everybody. She really is a saint for putting up with those two geldings. She and Rocky were born on the same day at the same farm and grew up together. They are a clique of two. I think that’s why Tesoro assumed the role of Boss. Maybe he figured if you can’t be part of the clique, you might as well boss the clique around.

Santa Fe

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