Friday, June 4, 2010

Well, old chums . . .

. . .  it appears that dark days are upon Louisiana. Where is Batman when you really need him? 

As a result of the Deep Water Horizon explosion, men are dead in the water, God rest their souls.  The seafood industry has been dealt a deathly blow. The tourism industry is in serious distress. Oil laden wildlife is dying a slow death in the marshes. As if all this isn't enough, far-off Washington, D. C. has decided to give us another knock-out punch by shutting down our oil drilling industry - pretending that they're trying to protect us from another disaster.

Where were their protective instincts when members of the agency that is supposed to prevent these disasters were spending eight hours a day looking at porn on their government computers? Where were their protective instincts when they were partying with the people they were supposed to be regulating?

Instead of putting another nail in Louisiana's coffin by shutting down oil drilling, why doesn't the federal government just do its job? Why doesn't it live up to its oversight responsibilities?   That would go a long way toward preventing future disasters. 

In the meantime, old chums, we have to trust the only super hero who can help us now - God Almighty.

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